Creating Bundled Notifications with Android

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Admin 2016-12-22 13:06:16

Nougat has already made its debut globally; however, there are still a number of features need to be explored by developers worldwide. One such aspect to discuss is "Bundled Notifications." Before discussing how developers can make best use of Bundled Notifications in Nougat 7.0, let us briefly discuss how notifications differ in Nougat from previous versions. Notifications have been extended comprehensively in this recent release from Android. The default messaging app generates a good number of messages over time. Bundling historical notifications make it easier for users to access any number of notifications during a period. It is similar to stacking notifications one over another; however, in this case, you have all similar notifications stacked together, through one common app notification. Imagine having too many notifications piled up within an app, and you have them grouped together, showing just one notification instead of too many of them appearing one above another. Clicking that one notification opens up all the notifications related to that app, with recent ones appearing right at the top. This is what you see in Nougat, unlike older Android versions that show individual notifications, appearing one below another. Just follow a systematic process for implementing these bundled notifications, and you can have app specific notifications bundled under a common header, with Nougat OS or future higher versions on your Android Smartphone.

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