Microsoft Access

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Admin 2016-12-22 12:28:53

Unlike MySQL, Microsoft’s Access is not free. However, as it is part of Microsoft Office, many developers already have it. Even if you don’t use Microsoft Office you can still download a trial version of Access which will get you 60 days to play around with it and see if it is for you. Access does have some key similarities to MySQL. It lets you design a table or task visually and then see the syntax that gets created. There are also some good and not so good differences. On the good side Access doesn’t have two separate installations (one for the DBMS and one for the design tool) but rather all comes as a single application. On the down side, Access has some significant limitations. It’s not nearly as flexible on which operating systems it can be installed on. More significantly, it has a serious limitation in how many concurrent connections it can handle before performance degrades. What that means is that Access is ideal for learning and for low traffic hobbyist websites but becomes sluggish and unsuitable for websites that have moderate or heavier traffic.

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