What are Website Analytics?

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Admin 2016-12-16 13:08:53

Website analytics are critical for determining the performance of your site. Analytics can tell you about how many people are visiting your website, and what they do when they get there. Analytics can tell you whether people are interacting with your content, or if they’re simply bouncing off your site as soon as they arrive. Never before have we had such accurate and actionable data to determine the success of our marketing. Analytics has gotten so advanced, that it can determine exactly when someone is on your website, right down to what page they’re on and how many seconds they spend on it. It can tell us which pages they browse, where they came in and where they left. Referrals If you need to know where traffic is coming from out there on the web, analytics tools offers referral data. This will tell you where the users came from, right down to the specific URL from which they entered your site. Pretty useful when you want to assess the sites you are providing content for, or advertising with. Is that website actually bringing you traffic? And if so, are the referred visitors really doing anything once they get to the website? Referral information also gives you a very clear indication as to whether your efforts in social media are bringing people to your site. Are your visitors more likely to follow a link through to your articles from Facebook rather than Twitter? If so, then perhaps you should focus more energy there. - See more at: https://www.treefrog.ca/what-are-website-analytics#sthash.JVPATDe8.dpuf

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